Caring Behaviors

"Our research shows that small, positive behaviors, frequently repeated, can make a big difference in the long-term success of a marriage.  You could compare this work to piloting a plane cross-country.  A turn of a few degrees over Ohio may seem like a small adjustment - merely fine tuning.  But, in the long run it determines whether you end up in San Francisco or Los Angeles.  So it is with a long-term relationship.  When both partners commit to making small but consistently positive shifts in their interactions, they can take their marriage to a much happier place.  And it's easier to assimilate small changes rather than big ones."

--John Gottman, Ph.D.
World renowned expert on marital stability and divorce prediction


Teaching couples how to implement these small changes is a quick and easy way to begin infusing something positive back into the relationship.  Even very distressed couples can make small changes that make a difference.  In Imago, we call these changes Caring Behaviors and we teach this to couples every day in our practice